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I recently posted the following on my journal and was encouraged to crosspost it here.

I just made some more loans via My "strategy" when lending has been to lend to people in a variety of different countries. But this time around I also decided that I'm not going to make any more loans that are associated with explicitly Christian charities. Personally, I would rather support lenders that don't encourage or require their loan recipients to adopt certain beliefs or behaviors (unrelated to paying back their loan).

I'm sure that not all of the Christian-associated lenders are pushy that way, but some of them, based on the lender descriptions on Kiva, sound like they are. E.g., "Esperanza International Dominican Republic, a partner of HOPE International" includes as part of their lender description:
We define poverty as the condition of the human being as a result of their broken relationships with God, other people, the creation and himself, as a consequence of sin. We expect, then, to assist them in their release from poverty through a transforming development process, which we define as the reconciliation process where the individual is restored to bless and be blessed, becoming an instrument for God’s Kingdom.
I defined "explicitly Christian" as a lender or charity that mentions Christianity in its mission statement.

I did a bunch of this research myself, and afterward I found the following list of Christian-associated lenders. My research agreed with their list. The post and comments also mention some tools that automatically sort Kiva loans in various ways, including exclusion (or inclusion) of religiously affiliated lenders:

(I am not trying to bash Christianity or tell anyone what to do. This is about my own comfort and beliefs.)
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Some excellent musings on the value of microfinance today from KF Drew Loizeaux

Happy Entrepreneurs and Harsh Accusations: Conversations about Microfinance

and an example of the girl effect and classic microfinance in action from KF Chris Baker

Cutting Out the (Middle) Man in Kathmandu
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Hi everyone,

There's about ten pages or so of loans on Kiva that are going to expire in three to four days! So if you have some extra credit, please consider lending to one of those loans! ♥

(If this kind of post isn't allowed, mods, please feel free to delete! :33333 Though I hope you won't!)
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A couple of weeks ago, after the Tiger Woods apology press conference, Matt Flannery, Kiva's founder, Tweeted his reaction:

"Thought Tiger used Buddhism in an uncommonly Christian context: faith, forgiveness and redemption."

That struck me as a rather odd take on the situation, especially from someone as worldly as he is. I responded, saying that those values were hardly unique to Christianity. His response didn't help:

"I agree. But, in the very American tradition of public apologies, tiger used buddhism in a place where Christianity is common."

My take on that (to which he didn't respond) was that this was perhaps due to the fact that Tiger actually is a Buddhist. I could understand the point that he was clearly using the standard fill-in-the-blanks post-rehab apology script, and yes, it's unusual to hear Buddhism stuck into that blank. But that doesn't change the fact that the reason he did so is that he actually is a Buddhist.

To me, it's especially jarring after the comments from Brit Hume of Fox News, in which he said that Tiger, in seeking redemption, would be better served if he turned to Christianity (and away from Buddhism).

What's your take? Am I misunderstanding? Reading too much into what Matt Flannery is trying to say? Is there a valid point that I'm missing? Or is he entirely missing Tiger's point, which was that he screwed up (so to speak) and, in seeking forgiveness and redemption, he's turning to his own faith?
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From the Kiva blog:

We have received the following update from Consuelo Herreros, Social Responsibility Manager at Kiva Field Partner Fondo Esperanza, following the 8.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Chile on February 27th:

“Of our 25 national offices, 60% (15 offices) are operating under completely normal conditions. Of the rest, 5 offices are operating in a state of emergency, since they lack electricity and basic services, and the remaining 5 offices (20%) are not operating because they are located in the area of the catastrophe (Regions VII and VIII).

In regards to the Fondo Esperanza borrowers who have been affected by the earthquake, half of our total loan portfolio (20,000 borrowers) is located in the area of the catastrophe. We have suspended communal bank meetings due to the difficulty of traveling to meeting places. In the coming days, our regional offices – with the support of our main office – will be communicating with all of the affected communal banks (500 in all) to evaluate their situations. We are particularly concerned about communal banks located in the communities of Concepción, Lota, Coronel, Talcahuano, Tome, San Pedro, Talca, Linares, Curicó, Sagrada Familia and in rural areas of Region VI.

We are confident that Fondo Esperanza will emerge in good shape following this event, thanks to the strength and hard work of our staff, borrowers and supporters.”

Our thoughts are with Fondo Esperanza staff and borrowers during this difficult moment. We will continue to post updates on the situation as they become available.
-- posted by Cynthia McMurry at 07:03 am PDT

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Hi All,

I know there was some discussion here a while back on interest rates charged by the KIVA Field Partners.  I just wanted to point out a couple of blog posts recently from the Kiva Fellows on this subject that you might be interested in... I hope you enjoy them!

In Defense of "High" MFI Interest Rates by Eva Wu

Bad Roads, Interest Rates and MFI Sustainability by Meg Gray

And if you are interested at all in Environmental issues, I highly recommend this wonderful essay by Suzy Price Marinkovich

Climate Change hits Kiva Borrowers in Bolivia

Happy lending!


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Someone has built a site that shows a live stream of Kiva loan activity.  Very cool to see loans as they are made:
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As explained in this Kiva blog post, there's a blogger out there who has pledged $5 in Kiva loans to the Philippines for every comment on this blog. Spread the word!
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I joined Kiva on Friday and made my first loan to a woman in Ghana.

Has anyone here ever had a bad experience with Kiva?
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Today is officially the 4th birthday of Kiva.  They have created  a Facebook event page which says:

Join Kiva's VIRTUAL Birthday Party! Turns Four on October 12th. Since it's launch four years ago, Kiva has lent over $95 million and helped over 231,000 entrepreneurs in 49 countries. We're fast approaching 100 million dollars in loans to entrepreneurs all over the world and we find this reason to CELEBRATE!

We'll be hosting a party in Berkeley, CA, later this month, but for those who can't join us physically, we invite you to celebrate with us in spirit!

To celebrate Kiva's birthday virtually, pledge to do at least one of the following on October 12th:

- Make a loan
- Became a Kiva lender
- Deposit $25 into your Kiva account
- Donate money to Kiva
- Give a Kiva gift certificate

Happy Lending!

For my birthday loan I have chosen Vat Vanna in Cambodia, a widow with 4 children who is looking to repair her home.

Happy Birthday Kiva!

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Kiva's 4th Birthday is one week from today. Here are some recent posts to the Kiva blog about future plans and celebrations.

Come to Kiva's 4th Birthday Party! for Bay Area residents

What's in a Number? The plan for the next five years from Matt Flannery.

Thanks [personal profile] foxfirefey for the cool logo icons!

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This community didn't have an icon yet, so I thought I'd make some and offer them up for use by anyone. They're made from the Kiva logo, and I have two versions:

White background:

Transparent background:


Aug. 14th, 2009 10:34 am
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Has anyone made any interesting loans on Kiva recently?

Have you tried out the new currency risk thing?

I just realised I haven't made any loans recently, so I'm going to check for ones that are expiring soon, as I've heard that there are a lot of those at the moment.
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Two things from the Kiva blog today:

Kiva on CNN tonight.

And Kiva announces it's new Currency Risk Program which goes live tonight.


"Currencies fluctuate against each other every day. Most currency fluctuations can be accommodated by Kiva’s Field Partners. It’s the risk of a massive currency devaluation that presents the greatest danger to Kiva Field Partners.
By limiting the Kiva’s Field Partners’ currency risk, we give them a much greater ability to manage their risk. If Kiva Field Partners can be confident that the greatest currency devaluation cost they need to prepare for is 20%, this gives them a hard number that they can work into their budget.

By passing the additional cost of foreign currency devaluation to Kiva Lenders, Kiva keeps this additional cost out of the Kiva budget (which is, in majority, funded by the donations of Kiva Lenders) so that our efficiency levels remain high. By distributing this cost among many Kiva Lenders, we decrease the impact any massive currency devaluation can on any one party, as each Kiva Lender can choose to diversify their portfolio so as to expose themselves to minimal currency devaluation risk."

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I wanted to share this in case there is anyone who hasn't seen it:

From the Kiva blog:

A Letter from Kiva About Pilot Partnerships in the U.S.

Cut by request... )
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Kiva recently posted this on Facebook:

"Mark your calendars, schedule your DVR, and tell everyone you know. Kiva will be on Good Morning America TOMORROW morning, Wednesday, June 10th. Be sure to tune in as you won't want to miss our BIG announcement..."


You can also see a blog post here from Kiva Fellow Nick Cain.

If you are really curious you might want to follow the discussion thread about this announcement at Kiva Friends.

But as someone commented on Facebook, Kiva will likely be very busy after the Good Morning America segment runs (in the second hour), so you may wish to make a loan today instead if you had planned to loan tomorrow.

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I notice that there are a lot of members of this community who aren't in the Dreamwidth team. Obviously some of us are also members of other teams and want to allocate our loans there, but it would be great to see some more of you joining the Dreamwidth team as well.

Is everyone here on Kiva, or are some of you still just curious about it?

Does anyone have any ideas for promoting Kiva on Dreamwidth more? I just noticed that [personal profile] synecdochic has a button on her profile, which is rather cool.
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I just made my sixteenth loan!!

Nifty Kiva tip: Let your repayments build up to US$15 or US$20 and then make another US$25 loan - the added amount isn't too difficult to pay, it's hardly noticed, and it builds up your portfolio nicely!

I'm getting back about US$15 a month now and trying to make a new loan every month, or at least 2 every 3 months. It's a nice feeling :)

Kiva rocks!

Remembered at the last minute to join the Dreamwidth team at Kiva so the loan's counted towards our contribution :)


Apr. 30th, 2009 07:02 pm
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I just created a Dreamwidth team on Kiva. There is also a Fandom team.


Apr. 29th, 2009 08:43 pm
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I’m going to babble briefly about microfinance charities and Kiva, for those who don't already know about it. Read more... )
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